Thrift shop donation finds new home at Morinville Museum

by Lucie Roy

A Canadian military uniform donated to the Midstream Thrift Store is now to be on display at the Musée Morinville Museum.

A sharp-eyed volunteer spotted the very well-kept uniform in the donation bin and contacted the Morinville museum as she felt it should be preserved and on display.
It is rare to find anything like this and thanks to the volunteer it has been rescued and to be brought to light so people can enjoy it along with the uniforms donated from the Kieser, Calder and Brochu families.
Morinville has had a military connection for many decades, spanning when they had an armoury in town to the many residents who served in WWI, WWII, Korea and Afghanistan.
According to an email from Robyne Ahmed, Acquisitions and Documentation Officer, Canadian War Museum., it is a Royal Canadian Air Force summer dress uniform dating from 1963.
Ahmed said, “Unfortunately the lack of insignia on the uniform means there is really nothing else we can tell you about it.”

The uniform trousers are a men’s wool rayon Khaki No.6 manufactured December 1963, James Brothers Ltd. and were part of Crown Supplies in Calgary.

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