City Ford donation will allow Morinville Lions to support many initiatives

Above from left: City Ford’s Jim Hill and William Vita unload the company’s donation of new coats and hoodies. – Stephen Dafoe Photos

by Stephen Dafoe

A Ford F150 backed up to Technical Automotives in Morinville’s industrial park on Monday, loaded with new winter coats and hoodies. City Ford made the approximate $40,000 donation to the Morinville Lions Club, who will use the clothing for several initiatives.

William Vita and Jim Hill delivered the goods to the Lions. Vita is working under Hill at the dealership as Hill prepares for his retirement after 36 years. Part of that work has been reviewing stock in the parts department.

“We had a large quantity of clothing, and frankly, we thought that the best way to handle it was donating,” Vita said. “Usually, it’s a lot colder this time of year. With the winter clothes, we thought it would be very helpful.”

Lions Club President Tina Gougeon said the clothing would help several Lions’ initiatives.

The Midstream Support Society’s 2021 Santa Auction will receive some of the items to auction for their fundraiser.

The Lions will also use some as prize items at their annual Mr. MTR Memorial Motorcycle Toy Run and their annual Golf Tournament.

Some will also go to support homeless veterans in Edmonton.

“They’re opening up a food bank for the vets in Edmonton,” Gougeon said. “There are a lot of homeless vets in the city, and they’re handing out gloves, hats, coats. So, we’re going to donate some of it to them.”

Gougeon said it was “awesome” to receive the donation from City Ford and to be able to help out multiple people and multiple situations.

One of the beneficiaries of the donation will be the Midstream Support Society’s Santa Auction.

Midstream Board Member Joyce Preeper said she was also grateful to know that they have an early start on items for this year’s auction.

“I think it is a great thing, especially the coats, which do well at our auction,” Preeper said. “They [the branded coats] are highly looked at.”

Last year’s Santa Store Auction raised $15,0000. The Morinville Lions Club is hoping to hold its motorcycle run and golf tournament this summer.

From left City Ford’s William Vita, Lions Club President Tina Gougeon, Midstream Board Member Joyce Preeper, and City Ford’s Jim Hill.

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  1. A thoughtful and meaningful gesture, kudos to City Ford and the Morinville Lions Club.

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