Book Bites: Freedom To Read Week

story and videography by Stephen Dafoe

Freedom to Read Week is coming up in a month, and the Morinville Community Library will once again participate in the importance of being able to read what we like.

Morinville Community Library Public Services Librarian Alliah Krahn said the library will hold a one-off banned book club in February.

“A lot of people don’t know, but Freedom to Read Week in Canada is the last week of February, the 21st to the 27th of February,” Krahn explained. “It’s when we celebrate the fact that we can read and access whatever information we want in Canada.”

To celebrate that freedom, Krahn chose a book that has been pulled off the shelves in a school in Washington.

“It is also a book that all of you, if you have a library card, are able to access. It is called Snow Falling on Cedars,” Krahn said. “You can either join our Facebook group, or you can go on our website and you can follow the invitation to our Discord group. We’re going to be spending the month reading the book. And at the end of the month on February 27th, it’s a Saturday, we will meet to discuss it.”

Krahn said the library wanted to be a little bit flexible about people’s lives, you can let her know a time that would work for the discussion. Details will be on the library website and on their Facebook page.

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