Rotary and Legion raffles find their winners

by Lucie Roy
Fundraising has been a challenge for the many groups and organizations since Covid-19.

Many have taken to social media to continue with their goals and objectives to serve and provide support to those in need.

The Rotary Club of Morinville and Royal Canadian Legion Br. 176 Morinville are two of the groups who hosted a 50/50 raffle online versus the traditional raffle of physically going from place to place to sell them.

This was an opportunity for anyone in and out of the area who met the applicable purchase guidelines to purchase a raffle and support a cause they might not normally be privileged to do.

Both the Rotary and Legion also reached out to fellow club members across the province as they supported each other in their respective raffles.

It was a win win for both and a great way to have a new source of funds for their group.
The winner of the 50/50 LAV (Light Armoured Vehicle) raffle was Mike Suranyi of Sturgeon County (right) who was presented a $9610 cheque by Rotary Club of Morinville President Pat Tighe (left).
The winner of the Royal Canadian Legion Br. 176 50/50 raffle draw was Ann Haberer who was presented a $2105 cheque by Legion President Kelvin Kuzyk.
The draw was video taped as Amber Scott Coughlin reached in for one ticket and passed it to the President to read the ticket and make the announcement. (below)
Both groups were happy with their success at this first attempt and hope to hold more 50/50 raffles online.
Chris Kalisch, Business Development Manager, Rafflebox Technologies said, “At our peak we had 313 raffles running on our site in December.”
They had a peak in Nov. Dec and it has gone up since then.
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