Council to give Community Services Committee some direction

by Colin Smith

A mandate letter has been drafted to help put the Community Services Advisory Committee back on a sound footing.

Morinville Town Council considered the draft letter at its Committee of the Whole Meeting Tuesday.

Last year the committee was barely functioning. It held only three meetings, and saw the resignations of three members including the chair, the latter of whom moved away.

Appointments and reappointments have now brought the Committee up to five members, who recently met with Council and Administration representatives to discuss plans for it. The draft mandate letter was a result.

According to the document, the Community Services Advisory Committee is to act in an advisory capacity to Council on matters pertaining to the social wellbeing of Morinville Residents in the areas of sports and recreation, family and community support services and culture and events.

They will advise Council on policies and strategic priorities identified by the committee members.

These include developing an inventory of associations and organizations;  a community action plan that supports issues in the 2019 Needs Assessment; a volunteer coordination program; and block parties.

Other priorities are a public engagement plan; community services fee review; a standardized bookings process; and an outdoor spaces plan.

The draft mandate letter also sees the committee advising Council on potential “gap areas” or barriers in service areas.

The committee will also provide a public forum for community sharing of information, ideas and feedback on trends and issues.

“I think we’ve got a lot of clarity,” said Mayor Barry Turner. “I’m just looking  forward to working more [with] the committee on getting things completed.”

Council approved a motion to refer the mandate letter to its February 26 Regular Meeting for consideration.

Current members of the Community Services Advisory Committee are Isabelle Cramp, Karen Hurlbut, Jennifer Anheliger, Stacy Buga and Barry Cowie.

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