Letter: Now is not the time to upgrade Heritage Lake

Bill 15

I completed the survey I received.

As I stated there, while this is certainly an opportunity for the future, 5 or 10 years down the road, now is not the time.

Town employees are unsure of jobs with openings and closing, and service and maintenance for safety on this would require staff.

Taxpayers stretched to the limit, uncertain of their own future.

There are those that enjoy a “wilderness” aspect to a site, and we already have parks ready or being upgraded.

I know, the “grant card” will be played. But that still affects us as taxpayers.

I know, grants mean Canadians from Ontario will be paying for this as well. Except, their town council is saying the same thing to their taxpayer. It’s an expensive Merry Go Round we can’t afford to ride.

Let’s take care of the needs of the residents first.

Let’s sign sponsorships and commitments first, not chase after we have committed the debt.

Yes. Let’s do this project. Not now.

Alan Otway

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