R.Q.B Rancheros excited to start up again this spring

by Club Reporter Juliet Webb, age 10

R.Q.B Rancheros is excited to be starting up again this spring!

Over the winter Explorer members had fun making and decorating cakes over Zoom.

Vet Science members learned about and watched cattle c-sections and dehorning via Zoom. This event was hosted by Dr.Tamy Nay of Onoway Vet Services.

Horse members are excited to be riding again. In March they met for a horse learning day. They learned to do horse declarations, training obstacles and had riding lessons. This event was co-hosted by Paradise Acres.

R.Q.B members are looking forward to their spring community service of cleaning up Camp Nakamun.

Next for Horse members is learning about horse chiropractors and next for Explorers is birdhouse making.

Above: John and Joe Nelson decorating cakes Feb 12.


Above: Juliet Webb decorated her pony Max to practice patience on March 13.

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