55,000 road tests given in first two months of 2021

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by Stephen Dafoe

Alberta registry agents say they have successfully delivered to Albertans more than 55,000 passenger vehicle road tests in January and February of this year, the first two months since the re-privatization of the majority of road test examiners.

Association of Alberta Registry Agents President Craig Couillard said his industry has gone above and beyond to ensure Albertans have access to road testing quickly and close to home.

“Our industry has shown that through innovation, hard work and collaboration, public-private partnership can successfully deliver government services efficiently to Albertans,” Couillard said in a media release Tuesday.

Under the NDP government, the province took over road testing in March of 2019, resuming a practice that was last in place in 1993.

Alberta Transportation Minister Ric McIver announced last fall that re-privatization would start Jan. 5, 2021, and that local registry agents would begin to deliver passenger vehicle road tests with strong government oversight.

That move came about as a result of government delivery of road tests being unable to meet demand and system backlogs leading to frustration from those trying to get tests.

Last Fall, NDP Opposition Critic Rod Loyola said the NDP inherited a broken driver testing system from the Conservatives.

Those looking to book a test online can do so at https://albertadriverexaminer.ca

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