Our Morinville: The Week In Photos

Above: Photo by Mick Mahon Jr. See full photo and details below.

Last week was a great week for reader-submitted photos. Below is a collection of shots sent to us by some of Morinville’s local photographers.


Mick Mahon Jr. sent us this photo of the tracks and grain terminal west of town.

Mick also sent us this great capture of the Northern Lights, taken in the same area.


The Rotary Club of Morinville was collecting bottles at Sobeys and in residential neighbourhoods on Saturday, part of their fundraising efforts for the LAV III Monument project. The Morinville bottle depot will continue to collect bottles over the next year for the Rotary and their project – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Local photographer Don Boutilier sent us these shots from his travels.

[caption id="attachment_69955" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Newspaper Ad[/caption]

Mick Mahon Jr. sent this shot of an abandoned church just outside of Morinville. In total, 120 images were shot over an hour as the sun was setting behind the church. They were stacked, layered, and lightened in PhotoShop and Lightroom. Shot with a Canon 6dmii + canon 17-40 @17, ISO 100 for you photographers.

Sharon Mahon sent us this shot of the Mar. 18 sunset in Morinville.

Ted Peacock sent us this picture of two bald eagles in his yard outside of town. There were three, but one was camera shy and flew away.

Another great shot from local photographer Don Boutilier.

You can send your reader photos to editor@morinvillenews.com or admin@morinvilleonline.com

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