Letter: 40 year resident would not recommend Morinville due to costs

Bill 15

As a 40 plus year taxpayer in Morinville, I have 2 questions or suggestions.

Let’s say over these years I have given the town approximately $80,000 in taxes. Then of course let’s not forget the Municipal Franchise fee on my gas and electricity bills ($16.50 and $13.96) Electrical access fee. That’s an additional $184 per year!

My Town of Morinville utility bill is $111.74 last month of which my water consumption was $13.70, my sanitary consumption was $6.80. = $20.50.

Roseridge Landfill $11.19 which I have probably used 7-8 times in all these years.

The Town has raised taxes when most communities have not!

Yes, only 1%, however, after reading the paper [Free Press] today could be $83.98. Yes, I agree, an ulterior issue.

So I am not about to try and figure out all the money I have given over the past 40 years.

BUT when I have asked many times for – 1… free compost, 2… free pickup day like Legal, St Albert,  I Cannot receive an answer.

I love Morinville, but if anyone asked me about moving here, I, unfortunately, would say -no😰

Jean Wichowski


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  1. It’s now almost cheaper to live in St. Albert/Edmonton than Morinville. At least there is stuff to do there. I’m now embarrassed about where I live. A drive down Main Street is enough to scare potential buyers off. All we are missing it an opioid epidemic to complete this towns image.

  2. This town is decades behind when it come to having inviting pathways, walking trails, trees, shrubs around town. Isn’t it sad that you need to go into another town go for a family bike ride because of the lack of paths in our own town?

    Driving down main street is almost embarrassing. There aren’t any trees or grass (think Dr Seuss’ The Lorax) and most buildings are looking like they are falling apart and are far from inviting.

    The taxes are crazy and what exactly do you get for them? A hockey arena at is beyond repair. Weeks to get a reply from the town regarding anything town related.

    There is a beautiful lot full of weeds between the high-school and the long term care facility that looks beautiful though

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