Town Blazing a Trail this June and July with walking challenge

by Stephen Dafoe

Morinville residents can track the distance they walk on the trails in Town from June 1 to July 31. Those who complete 60 kilometres in 60 days can enter for one of three prizes.

“We are super excited to be offering an outdoor challenge to the residents of Morinville. We thought The Blaze a Trail Walking Challenge was a perfect opportunity to offer a safe outdoor activity for everyone to get out and explore Morinville’s trails and open spaces,” said Barb Adamson, Community Recreation Coordinator. “This challenge is part of our many activities for June – Recreation and Parks Month. We just want the residents of Morinville to celebrate what their Town has to offer and maybe they will discover a new routine or a new outdoor space they never knew existed.”

Fitness and Wellness Program Coordinator Jennifer Potocnik said the Blaze a Trail Walking Challenge is intended to encourage and support the residents of Morinville to get outside, be more active and safely connect with nature this summer.

“It is also an opportunity to explore the municipality and experience some new parks and trails within the community,” Potocnik said, adding COVID-19 has seen more people socially isolated and sitting indoors for extended periods.

“Ideally, adults, for example, should achieve 150 minutes of activity each week. As the weather starts to improve, taking a socially distanced walk outside is a safe activity that has numerous mental and physical benefits,” Potocnik said. “Walking takes minimal effort, doesn’t require special equipment, and can be scheduled to fit within the time you have available.”

The Fitness and Wellness Program Coordinator said walking provides the physical benefits of regular cardiovascular exercise, including strengthening the heart, improving lung capacity, managing healthy body weight, and helping regulate blood pressure and blood sugar.

“Walking outside and connecting with nature can also help us sleep better, think clearer, reduce stress and anxiety, and even help boost our immunity,” Potocnik said.

Registration is free and can be done online or by calling 780-939-7839. Trail maps and a tracking chart can be downloaded online. Printed copies and the ballot box are available at Town Hall during business hours.

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