Letter: Open letter to mayor re recent comments on tax bylaw

Bill 15

Mayor Turner, during the debate on the Property Tax Bylaw you stated:  “That at the end of the day income and relief for residents comes from the Federal and Provincial Government.  We have to be careful about going down the slippery slope of income support for residents.  At this point of time, it is the role of the Federal and Provincial Governments.  We can’t fund that with property taxes.”

I am extremely offended and angry by this statement!  How can you even compare a property tax freeze with income support for residents?  That is insulting and disrespectful to the entire community.  It sounds like you were equating the reduction of resident and business taxes to CERB or welfare.  Again, this is offensive and disrespectful.

I wonder how the other Municipalities managed to hold their property tax to 0% and do they consider it to be income support for their residents?  I don’t think so.  I believe they saw how their residents were hurting and listened to them and somehow managed to hold property taxes to 0%.

At the end of the day, your comments were thoughtless and careless with no thought being placed into how abrasive the comments would be to the people you are supposed to represent.

Linda Lyons – Morinville

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  1. I agree Linda. Also. I am not sure if this qualifies as offensive or not, yet we have one councilor who is actually absent. From a meeting to decide residents taxes. How wonderful.

    • Good day Phil,

      Please know missing the vote weighs heavy on me. I had an emergency personal surgery the following morning, at a very early hour and needed to prepare for such. I’ve consistently been in opposition of any tax increase and have made a motion for information, asking for a wage rollback for the Towns non-union staff. I hope you’ll understand my absence. I was indeed there for the 6.5 hours prior.

      Wishing you well.

  2. Some of us lived in Morinville many years ago when Mayor and Council froze / rolled back taxes under the Lloyd Berchi Councils (his first term if I recall correctly).

    It sure was great during that time but we have been paying for it ever since as we try and play catch up with the projects that didn’t get done or maintenance was delayed or ignored during that period.

    Don’t freeze them, and definelty don’t roll them back. Target 1-2% increase in difficult times. I guarantee you that will help us avoid a 6-8% increase in the years to come.

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