Letter: Help train others to save lives with St. John Ambulance

June 24th is recognized as St. John Day around the world. This year to celebrate we are launching our inaugural annual St. John Day fundraising campaign. First Aid and CPR training helps save lives and build stronger communities. Today, research and advancements in training and protocols are ongoing. The new CPR feedback device training manikins help students learn more effectively the necessary steps for quality CPR during sudden cardiac emergencies, thus increasing the chance of survival.

Donations to the 2021 St. John Day Fundraising Campaign will go directly to purchasing a family set of Prestan Manikins for student training in each of our 35 classrooms across Alberta. Our goal is to raise enough donations to purchase one family pack for each classroom, valued at $28,000 in total.

Outcomes associated with these manikins include empowering students to gain instant feedback on their CPR skills building confidence to respond in an emergency and bolstering a culture of safety in the community through the support of quality CPR training. As we are most likely to use CPR on someone we know this confidence could mean the difference between life and death or could happen at any time.

The campaign will run from June 20-27 and there are three easy ways to donate.

Donations can be made online at www.stjohn.ab.ca/manikins or via phone 1-800-665-7114 or by mail — cheques may be addressed to “St. John Ambulance Council for Alberta”
Manikin Campaign, St John Ambulance 12304 – 118 Avenue T5L 5G8.

St. John Ambulance Alberta Council

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