Letter: GSACRD should rename Grandin school Chief Dale McFee School

Dear Editor:

Edmonton Police Chief Dale McFee is a very positive role model. The Bishop Grandin School names are being removed by the Calgary, Edmonton, and St. Albert Catholic School Districts because of the late Bishop’s racism and participation in the terrible residential school scandal.

The Chief is of Metis status and was born in St. Albert Proper. As a result, renaming the Grandin St. Albert School the Chief Dale McFee School would do a lot of good at restoring relations with First Nations groups. It would also build up trust in these fine folks that there are good law enforcement folks out there like Dale that they can rely on in having their culture and traditions respected.

St. Albert Catholic wants to name a dead person. They should instead name Chief McFee so they can be seen as looking to the future instead of continuing to bring up the disgraceful past of Bishop Grandin and others who perpetuated this nonsense.


Rory J. Koopmans

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