St. Jean Baptiste Church destroyed by fire

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Above: The Town held a media availability at 11 a.m. at Town Hall. Above is Theron Hogg’s footage of that media availability.

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Morinville RCMP are investigating the fire that resulted in the complete destruction of Morinville’s St. Jean Baptiste Church.

The Town of Morinville Fire Department said a 9-11- call was received at 3:08 a.m. Wednesday morning reporting a fire at the church in Morinville. The time of dispatch was 3:10 a.m. with Morinville Fire Department crews arriving on the scene at 3:20 a.m.

“Upon arrival, crews determined the fire was already well involved in the basement of the structure. Fire crews attempted to make entry, but the building was charged with smoke and collapse was already occurring,” a Town press release reads.

Crews got the fire under control by 6:58 a.m. but the church was completely destroyed due to the fire. Crews remained on scene throughout the day.

Equipment and personnel from Gibbons, Bon Accord, Legal, Sturgeon County, St. Albert and Edmonton assisted with approximately 50 firefighters on scene.

Nearby buildings were saved including the former convent building which sustained water and smoke damage. Approximately 50 residents were evacuated and will remain out of the building for 48 hours. Many were taken to the Morinville Legion for shelter, water and food.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. An investigator is on the scene.

In a media availability at 11 a.m., Mayor Barry Turner spoke to the loss of the historic church. That statement was released by the town late Tuesday.

“We can never replace what was lost here today,” Turner said. “Many thanks to the first responders that worked to keep our community safe. Our loss is enormous and could have been much worse, except for the brave men and women that answered the call. A sincere thank you to all of our mutual aid partners that sent teams from across the region, we are thankful for your support.
“I can’t describe the range of emotions we are all feeling today. The incredible shock and loss is overwhelming. Each of us needs to dig deep and find that seed of resilience and strength that lies within us. We will need each other to hold ourselves and our community up. We will be strong together. I know what this community is made of and we are all stronger than we know.
“Many have already stepped forward and I cannot fully express the gratitude for those who have responded with support for our community and for those in need right now. It is this resilience in the face of our loss that will unite us in our will to persevere, recover and rebuild.
“Tomorrow the Morinville Community Cultural Centre will be open from 10 am to 2 pm for anyone who wishes to come together and support each other through this terrible loss. Together we are stronger, and together we will move forward.”

Premier Jason Kenney was joined by Minister of Justice and Solicitor General Kaycee Madu, Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity and Morinville-St. Albert MLA Dale Nally and Sturgeon River-Parkland MP Dane Lloyd in a second press conference later that morning.

In a social media post Tuesday afternoon, the Premier wrote: “I visited the burned-out remains of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church in Morinville to express my sorrow and solidarity with the local community, Franco-Albertans, and Catholics across the province.

“We must all reject hateful acts of violence whenever and wherever they occur.”

In Morinville, Kenney announced a doubling of the Alberta Security Infrastructure Program from $1 million to $2 million annually to “help protect churches and other targets of hateful vandalism and violence.”

Kenney said he has instructed Minister Madu to work with ALERT and the province’s police chiefs to step up monitoring and protecting potential target sites.

Below is the Premier’s video can be viewed at



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  1. A very sad day for Morinville.
    Whatever our personal thoughts may be regarding the circumstances leading to the destruction of our ” Iconic Church “, they should remain personal.
    Let us put out trust in the investigators to provide answers, and we as a community come together and move forward.

  2. This is such a sad day for our town.
    We can respond with anger and vengeance or we can respond by loving our neighbours.

  3. Now if only they could have figured out traffic control with the detours they have, at least turn the stop light to a 4 way while the road is blocked off traffic is getting ridiculous

  4. Is it wrong to burn a church? Yes , it is wrong but at the same time, I understand the anguish and the intergenerational trauma caused by residential schools. It is time the Catholic Church and all Catholic Clergy apologize for the horrible wrongs committed in the name of God

    • They have, apologized actually, over and over, all Dioceses involved. They have also worked in truth and reconciliation for years. But media is not saying that and I cannot understand why. The discourse in media and authorities is increasing hate instead of fairness.

  5. That 2 million to protect the churches sure could help get clean water on the reserves. Mr Kenney needs to rethink his priorities!

  6. You can not change the past! You can only change how we proceed from this moment on. Stop putting the blame on others. We all have/had a voice. This act of destruction was not to punish the present citizens of Morinville but an act of revenge on what the Catholic churches USED to be!

    It is sad to see people are still living in the past and not moving forward. Yesterday is not Today. Our past is where we have been, what we have done and how we have dealt with things/situations etc.

    Find a way to heal…. just like and injury. The scars are still there (as a reminder) but, it does not determine who we are NOW and what we have become in the past decades. You can only control your attitude, your words. You either choose to be a victim or positive advocate for the next generations!

    We are all sinners, we all have done mistakes, no one is perfect, speak the truth, be kind to each other. We all need to heal together by supporting and to be kind to each other. Today’s destruction has impact many old and new generations in this town, from many cultures, and religious belief, Francophones, English, Jewish, Metis, German etc. I am in tears to see what this world is coming to! We are dealing with enough sadness all over the world (death, flood, fire, Covid, etc)

    This should have never happen! We do not want to relive the horror and pain people felt in the past. We need to be smarter and talk with WORDS not act by destruction and vandalism. Time to heal and treat each others with respect and kindness not hate and blame. I BELIEVE in Canada, lets play nice, our future depends on it!

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