Letter: Appreciation to Fire Department, Town Administration and community groups

Bill 15

On Monday morning, I was on the steps of Bumper to Bumper, 5 minutes before open time.

I turned, and took in the morning view of St. John Baptiste, and reflected on, with all the current news, that church and steeple as a building had been a center for a community.

Wednesday morning, as I drove to our early morning Rotary meeting, I saw the fire department working, not to save the building, which was gone, but to control the spread to more buildings. Homes and businesses.

Now, I have been watching the coverage of the fire in Lytton B.C.. Homes and businesses destroyed. The town devastated.

It’s amazing that in such a short time we have seen floods in Canmore, Calgary, Fort McMurray and more.

Fire in Slave Lake and Fort McMurray, and more.

Most amazing is seeing that the fires and floods affect buildings and some lives. The communities live on.

That is what I am left with this week.

Thank you to the Volunteer Fire department, the town administration, to the community groups and neighbours helping those directly affected.

That does not burn.


Alan Otway

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  1. Yes, very well said, thank you all emergency responders, you have our greatest appreciation for what you do

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