Letter: St. Jean Baptiste Parish thanks first responders


The St. Jean Baptiste Parish, with our Pastor Father Trini Pinca, and the Parish Council would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to ALL.

We “have no words “to express our gratitude to everyone who supported us at this very sad time. The bravery and amazing professionalism of all the men and women of the many Fire Departments that answered our call on June 30 is overwhelming. Those Departments are our own Morinville Fire Department, Gibbons, Legal, Bon Accord, Namao, City of St Albert, as well as the City of Edmonton.

Many more answered the call including the following: RCMP, Town of Morinville – Council and Administration including Infrastructure Services, Communications Dept, FCSS, Community Services, and Enforcement Services. Thank you to the Fire Investigators, Security Co., Morinville Legion, also to the numerous businesses and also importantly the Morinville Community as a whole that stepped forward with overwhelming support.

Thank you for protecting the lives of many while saving our Beautiful Rectory, the Notre Dame Apts, Heritage Place, as well as many businesses nearby. We are so grateful no one was hurt. We can rebuild and we will!

To everyone who reached out and offered their help and continues to do so in many forms, we want to express our gratitude. We will need help going forward, as we have much work ahead of us. This is the time for healing, and a time for Inclusiveness and Reconciliation…as we look forward not back.  To quote Father Trini…” the Bells will Ring Again”

 Noreen Radford 
 Chair St Jean Baptiste Parish Council


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