Letter: Rotary donates $340 to Morinville Library – Bottle Drive Saturday

The Rotary Club of Morinville has committed for its 25th Anniversary Year to fundraise in support of community non-profit groups. We realize that after over a year of uncertainty and lockdowns, most organizations have struggled to fundraise and get membership participation.

Thursday, July 8, 2021 is the first step towards that end.

In partnership with the Morinville Bottle Depot, a program of giving clients the ability to “Skip the Line” and drop off bags of bottles at the counter that the staff can process during off-peak times.

These funds collected are for distribution to non-profit groups that contact Morinville Rotary with projects/needs and will be supported as available.

This program started in April of 2021, and the first cheque for $340.00 donated by the residents of the town and the county is being presented to Cheryl Pasenchnik for the Crafts projects support. Raj Dhaliwal of the Bottle Depot is presenting to Rotary Club Services Director Alan Otway, and granddaughter Tiana is presenting to Cheryl. Also in attendance was Isabelle Cramp of the Morinville Libray.

This is also the kick-off for the full Bottle Drive that Morinville Rotary is holding Saturday, July 10th at Sobeys 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. As well the “Skip the Line” program will continue every day at the Bottle Depot.

Individuals and groups with ideas for future support can contact:

Alan Otway


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