SJB Parish hold farewell memorial for St. Jean Baptiste Church

by Lucie Roy
A Farewell Memorial for the St, Jean Baptiste Church was held July 14 in SJB parking lot.  Speaking at the event was Father Trini, Knights of Columbus Grand Knight Pat Earles and Catholic Women’s League President Simone Chevalier.

Earles said, ” It does not matter anymore what happened or what caused the fire. It is done. So now we pray to God our almighty Father to fill hearts that are full of anger and replace it with love and forgiveness.”

The landscape of Morinville changed on June 30 after the 114-year-old church burned down.
Touchette said, ” we all know it was a building but it was our place of worship, a landmark, it housed our memories and the memories of the community. it was a beacon, the heart of Morinville.”
Parish Council Chair Noreen Radford provided the Acknowledgment of lands and introductions to the many assembled in the parking lot.
Chevalier said,” We are here to pray together, to focus on what we lost, look forward to new beginnings and to offer each other support.”
Earles said it was a memorial service and a renewal prayer service, mourning the loss of our spiritual home.
Denise Touchette provided a history of the church.
Music was provided by the Bulger family.
Many stories were shared while standing on the sidewalk in front of the remains, common themes and personal experience.
Many spoke on these memories and experiences with words on the music and singing, youth in the parish, steeple memories, bells, fun memories, organ, remember and rebuild and parents in the parish.

The Memorial Prayer Service started at 7 p.m. followed by a procession to the cemetery.

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