Letter: Resident concerned with activities behind MCHS

Bill 15

I love the Town of Morinville. I love living here. I’m also aware that every neighbourhood, every community, comes with its unique challenges.

I have lived in the community that looks onto Morinville Community High School for the better part of a decade.

Teenagers, and actually some young adults, who don’t even attend this school, have made the area directly behind the school their local hangout.

Before you call me Karen, just listen.

I do not take issue with them being there, it’s a central point for them to meet. And honestly, they need somewhere to socialize. In the pandemic – it offered a great option to meet safely.

My window looks directly out to the school. Every single day, and often late into the night, cars and trucks meet there. They squeal their tires. They do burnouts and rip up and down 101st Avenue. They drive down the pedestrian path to Circle K. They smash bottles and tip over the garbage & recycling bins.

I’ve written to the school, asking them to help in discouraging this. They don’t seem interested in any of the suggestions I have.

I’ve talked to Town Councillors about possibly putting in speed bumps on 101 Avenue to discourage racing up the road. The school says they don’t want speed bumps there because the buses drop kids off by the school.

I see pedestrians walking down the path, looking in their direction, concerned that they’re up to no good, wondering if it’s even safe to walk down that road.

Unfortunately, it’s cyclical. Eventually, the teens / adults currently hanging there every day and night will move on, and a new crop will move in.

One day, someone might get hurt. Is that what it’s going to take? Is that what it’s going to take to put in measures to discourage racing on that stretch?

Or perhaps my kid getting cut by glass that is strewn about the school grounds?

You may call me Karen, but the activity currently taking place behind the high school is impacting the quality of life for residents surrounding.


Allison Zinnick

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  1. The racing up and down 101 ave. with noisy vehicles nightly and on weekends. Has been going on for ages.

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