Dafoe seeking a third term on Morinville Town Council

by Colin Smith

Stephen Dafoe hopes to continue working for Morinville residents as a member of Morinville Town Council.

The two-term Councillor filed nomination papers Friday, Aug. 13 for the October 18 municipal election, seeking a third term.

His campaign slogan, as it was in the last go-round is, “Dafoe Works For You.”

“Although the role of councillor requires a collaborative work relationship with the mayor, council and administration, I do not work for the mayor, council or administration,” he said in announcing his candidacy. “I work for you. That has been my focus and will continue to be my focus over the next four years.”

Dafoe, 59, has been a resident of Morinville for 15 years with his wife Bonnie and is the father of three adult children. He is a local businessman whose activities include the publication of Morinville Online.

In announcing his candidacy, Dafoe stated that he is pleased to have had the opportunity to bring the input and concerns of Morinville residents to council and is proud of his record of “closing the loop” with residents he has worked with.

During his recent term, Dafoe has served as Morinville council’s representative to the Roseridge Landfill Commission and as the commission chair (4 years), and for the past several months served as chair of the newly formed Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Board’s Solid Waste Collaborative. In his role as councillor, Dafoe previously represented Morinville on the 55-member Northern Lights Library System board, where he served as vice-chair and chair.

He was also one of three members of the Intermunicipal Collaborative Framework negotiating group whose work resulted in Sturgeon County’s annual contribution to a recreational cost-sharing agreement triple the previous amount.

Dafoe said he was happy to see the support of many residents who expressed their desire to see him run for mayor but said he feels he can be a stronger advocate in a councillor’s chair.

“For eight years I have been a person unafraid to ask the tough questions or make the uncomfortable statements,” Dafoe said. “Leadership is not bestowed with the title of mayor. It comes from within and from around you. Every member elected to Council has the opportunity and must take the opportunity to be the leader the community needs. I have tried to do just that.”

Restoration of a sense of community in Morinville is one of his primary aims, Dafoe stated earlier.

“I’d like to ensure we restore the sense of community that drew people here in the first place,” he said. “As the town grows that becomes a more significant challenge and risk.”

He noted that another major challenge the next council will face include figuring out how to do as much as possible with less funding from the federal and provincial governments, which will require examination of sharing resources regionally to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

A more focused approach to strategic planning is also needed, he believes.

Dafoe promises to be 100 per cent committed to his role on the Council, communicate effectively and often with residents, and bring common sense to debate and decision-making by making decisions based on information, objectivity and what is in the best interests of the community as a whole.

According to the candidate, his campaign will unwind closer to the close of nominations. For more information on visit VoteDafoe.com or email dafoe@votedafoe.com.

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  1. I moved to Morinville in 2016,sorry for the confusion. I didnt say he wasnt honest but why is this the only council with 2 or three councillors with contracts with the town. Is that not a conflict of interest in your minds? Why were they voted the most secretive in the province? Why would they sign a 7 year contract with the cao tying the hands of the next 2 councils? And the cao only makes $80000 a year more than the premier for a town of 10000. Thats a little over $21000 per month plus benefits with annual raises. No wonder taxes are high in Morinville council and cao wages are over $500000 a year. If we had to provide a full time fire service,police service you wouldnt afford the taxes. We have lots of administration that does not benefit the taxpayers in any way. Maybe their 15 year plan to raise taxes 3.5% a year for the next 15 years should be discussed as the majority will go to pay wages. If you are ok with this reelect the current council,which will not benefit the taxpayers

    • I support Dafoe,

      I have to remain silent on your other points. 😐😑😶😷

  2. Mr. Loree, allow me to offer some context.

    The Town of Morinville wishes to advertise on this news site as we have a large daily following in the area and the strongest social media following in the area.

    Because I am a member of council, the Town’s annual buying intention MUST be taken to a public meeting and decided on by Council.

    I am not permitted to take part in that conversation or decision and must leave council chambers. Ad purchases are not something Council votes on as they are administrative. In the case of this publication – it must be brought forward in the interest of public transparency.

    Our current ad contract is for $500 per month (about half of what the Town is actually provided and that does not include the large number of town social media posts we share for our readers’ benefit and knowledge).

    BECAUSE I do not wish to profit from the ad purchase, we traditionally have provided sponsorship of the Town’s cultural centre series and paid four four movie events per year that families can attend for free during Town festivals.

    With COVID – that was not possible, so this year, we provided $500 per month in free advertising for community groups to match the $500 in ads the town bought. We also did one movie event when COVID restrictions were lifted.

    To date, we have provided free marketing for 13 community groups, and sports teams.

    The Municipal Government Act is CLEAR on pecuniary matters, which this small contract is. The rules must be and have been followed to the letter.

    There are NOT three Councillors with contracts, only this publication.

    It is worth noting that exactly the same public process would be required if I was an employee of this company and not its owner.

    Hope that shed’s some light.

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