What’s Cooking? – 7 tips for eating smarter

(NC) Did you know that how we eat can be just as important as what we eat to maintain a healthy body? Here are some tips from the Arthritis Society for eating smarter:

1. Listen to your body.
Learn to listen to your body’s signals about when to start and stop eating. Sometimes we eat out of boredom or a need for comfort.

2. Pause before you’re full.
It takes time for your body to register it’s full. Before taking a second serving, wait a few minutes.

3. Regulate your portion size.
Take a slightly smaller portion than you might normally. You can always go back for more, but we tend to keep eating if there’s food in front of us.

4. Don’t skip meals.
Eating regularly will keep your blood sugar stable and your metabolism working properly. Also, when we go too long between meals or snacks, we tend to end up overeating.

5. Keep healthier choices handy.
Plan ahead and have healthy snacks available, such as seeds, nuts or pre-cut veggies. This can help you avoid convenience snacks, which are often less nutritious.

6. Make it easy.
If fatigue or pain make it difficult to prepare a meal, use fresh or frozen pre-chopped produce and prepared salads.

7. Ask an expert.
Registered dietitians or nutritionists are a reliable source of information on vitamins, food and nutrition.

Find more tips at arthritis.ca.

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