Notorious Cree presents at GSACRD’s last summer program

by Lucie Roy

Greater St Albert Catholic School Voice presented a Party in the Park with Notorious Cree on Friday afternoon.

The event was their last day of summer programming and they hosted an unforgettable performance and talk with James Jones (Notorious Cree) and Darrell Brertton Jr. at the Georges H. Primeau School Park.

Many were seated outside the circle enjoying the performance and they all had an opportunity to join in and learn a few basic dance steps.

James Jones is a Traditional Hoop Dancer who has performed Internationally and is ranked among the top 5 Hoop dancers in the world.

Darrell Brertton Jr. has been dancing and participating in powwows from the time he could walk.

The event included an opening with GSACRD Voice staff member Lauren Chow followed by Deacon Lester Evangelista.

Working at the registration check-in was Cindy Vervynck, Beth Laton and Theresa Barnes.

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