Letter: Rotary Club of Morinville continues its bottle drive community groups donations

The Rotary Club of Morinville presented a Cheque for $564.25 to the Morinville Youth Basketball group with funds raised with the Morinville Bottle Depot.

Morinville Youth Basketball raised funds with volunteers from within their organization and from Morinville Rotary Club.

The donation from Rotary from funds raised on the day, as well as funds raised from their previous bottle drives topped up the Morinville Youth Basketball to $3,000.00.

This contribution raised through the community support at the depot and through bottle drives brings the total donated in 2021 from Morinville Rotary to over $14,250.00. Their commitment is to continue to support with the funds raised throughout the year and into the future.

The community can donate through the “Skip the Line” program at the Bottle Depot.

Pictured with the cheque are Raj Dhaliwal from the Morinville Bottle Depot, and Enven Hibbs-Pinney, Lucas Keller, Ethan Keller, and Joshua Keller from the Morinville Youth Basketball Assn.

Alan Otway

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