Morinville filmmaker off to Florida to film historic launch

Above: Tyler Ferguson (Imago Media photo) is about to head to Florida to film the launch of Space X Inspiration4 (Space X Inspiration 4 photos). 

by Stephen Dafoe

Next week, Morinville filmmaker Tyler Ferguson has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to film Space X Inspiration4, the first all-civilian space launch. On Sept. 15, four civilians will head into space for three days to orbit the earth beyond the International Space Station, a space first.

Ferguson picked up his first Single-Lens Reflex (SLR) camera when he was 12, but says he has always had a passion for video and telling stories. Three years ago, he started his business Creation Media and has now diversified into both visual and graphic arts.

About a month ago, Ferguson’s friend Zachary Aubert, who operates an Edmonton YouTube channel called the Launch Pad, announced he had the opportunity to attend the historic launch of Inspiration4 from the Kennedy Space Center and contacted Ferguson for advice.

“He was looking for advice on what production equipment to get as he had been extended an invite from the Commander of the mission, Jared Isaacman,” Ferguson explained. “I pitched him the idea of bringing me along to produce and curate all of the creative content surrounding the trip as I’ve always had a passion for space, and the thought of developing content around this subject matter thrilled me as a producer and cinematographer.”

Ferguson said it was not long after he got the go-ahead from his friend that he received a welcome email from the Inspiration4 media team, inviting him to an executive and VIP experience to attend the launch.

“This was mind-blowing to me, and something I never imagined would have even been possible,” he said.

Ferguson leaves for Florida on Monday, September 13 and will return on September 19. While there, he will film a collection of content to produce a short form passion project documentary. While the September 15 launch will be the highlight of the filming, he said he would miss a major opportunity if he didn’t take the chance to gather and collect as much content as possible.

“Space is still a mystery to so many of us. It’s big. Complex. Scary. Even for many of us, seems out of reach,” Ferguson said. “Inspiration4 changes this. It makes the possibility of space travel a real possibility, and not only that, could lead civilization to colonize mars and beyond much sooner than we realize.”

Ferguson says storytelling is a crucial pillar of who he is, so the opportunity to tell the Inspiration4 story, highlighting this moment in history, has made him emotional on a few different levels.

“It’s profoundly inspiring to see this mission established and created to quite literally inspire humanity,” he said. “It’s been a tough year for so many. With our eyes so often on the world around us and all the chaos and trouble that’s been going on, it’s a neat chance to hopefully share a piece of work that will inspire others to pursue their dreams, believe for big things, and do things that scare you. It’s an incredible opportunity to partner with The Launch Pad, and Zachary and team have been outstanding to work with as we prepare to go.”

Ferguson said the plan is to live stream throughout the time in Florida at the Kennedy Space Center. That can be viewed at

The filmmaker is also hoping to share the experience and story in a significant way on his return, potentially viewing the film at the Morinville Community Cultural Center.

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