Ray White running for Morinville Town Council

by Colin Smith

With his candidacy for Town Council in the October 18 election, Ray White is hoping to bring a new voice and new vision to Morinville.

“I have respect for the work of the current and previous councils, but it’s time for a change,” White declares.

“Morinville will have some very important decisions to make in the next four years, and our future depends on making the right decision at the right time for the right reasons.

Our town is going through some significant hardship, and we need to pull together to overcome the challenges we face as a community.”

White has lived in Morinville since 1973, is married and has five children and thirteen grandchildren. He has spent the last 14 years in the labour relations field, negotiating more than 40 collective agreements, has served as a trustee of several pension plans, coached hockey in numerous roles, and is a long-time member of the Legion.

“This community has been home to me for over 40 years and provided a great place to raise my children and participate in the community,” he told Morinville Online. “I owe a great debt to this town and it is time for me to give something back.”

A homeowner in the community since 1986, White considers himself to have a good understanding, from the perspective of the ratepayer, of what it means to be pay taxes in Morinville and what is received in the way of goods and services

White believes one of the major priorities for Morinville is attracting and retaining more industry, ensuring more employment opportunities for Morinville residents.

Others include dealing with traffic congestion and pedestrian safety and expansion of recreational and leisure activities for families and seniors, so they don’t have to drive to a different municipality, along with improving awareness of the current programs and services.

White has supported the Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation, financially and as a volunteer.

“I am so proud to be a part of the first domestic violence shelter to be built in Alberta in 22 years and the fact it was built in Morinville,” he says. “I will continue to advocate all levels of government to support this worthy cause, and the incredible resource it provides to those who need it.”

If elected, White is committed to working in a respectful, transparent and positive manner with other council members.

“No single person on council can accomplish anything without working as a cohesive part of an effective team,” he says.

Opportunity is important to White’s vision of the future for the town.

He wants to create an environment to attract businesses so residents can work, live and prosper in Morinville, as well as providing support for volunteer organizations and fostering positive relationships with regional partners.

“We need to focus on growth and opportunities but more than anything I want to be a resource for our community members,” White added.

“If at the end of my term I have served our residents and businesses all while acting in their best interests I feel I will have accomplished what I have set out to do.”