Food for Fines on until Oct. 7 at Morinville Library

by Stephen Dafoe

Morinville and area library patrons have until Thursday to clear their fines and help the community. For every non-perishable food item brought to the library, the Morinville Community Library will knock $1 off your overdue item fines.

The limit is $20, and only Morinville library fines apply. Library staff will donate food items collected this week to the Morinville Food Bank.

“The Morinville Library Board has done Food for Fines every year in October to support our food bank and our community because October is Celebrate Your Library Month,” explained Public Services Librarian Alliah Krahn. “As your library, we want to connect our community together and we feel like this is a way we can support you supporting each other.”

Krahn said there is no better time than the next few days to bring back your overdue items because your ‘fines’ are donations to the food bank and help the community.

“No matter how overdue it is, we do love to see our items come back to us – it means we have that many more to loan to everyone else,” Krahn said. “I should note that we never judge you for overdue items the rest of the year, either – even those of us who work at the library build up fines, and we understand that life happens.”

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