Letter: Jonathan James Senger Scholarship presented for final time

The Jonathan James Senger Scholarship was established at Morinville Community High School in 2011.

This scholarship has been sponsored by Larry Martin, Debbie Martin (Senger) with additional support from family and friends: Margaret Atchison, Bryan Atchison, Irene Dutchak and Phyllis Foster.

Tragically Jonathan’s life was cut short in August of 2010 as a result of an ATV accident. He was a person who lived his life to the fullest and experienced many adventures in his short twenty-five years.

Jon showed true compassion towards others. He would not think twice to go out of his way to help a friend or someone in need.

This Scholarship has helped twenty MCSH students pursue their career goals. Such as  Bachelor Of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Biochemistry, Education Degree, Nursing Degree, Neuroscience, Engineering and Marine Biology. This small but diverse list shows us the variety of interests cultivated and encouraged by the dedicated teachers at Morinville Community High School.

This is the last year that the scholarship will be offered. Caelum Hartman and Lilyah Richardson are the final award recipients.

We are proud to have played a small part in the future of these well-deserving young men and women.

Education certainly gives us an advantage in life. Our career opportunities are expanded, our ability to make informed decisions helps us to become the citizens that we are striving to become. As we live in a global society having the ability to empathize through making these connections will help us all to live a happy and productive life.

One of the requirements of the scholarship was to ask how do you help out in your community and we had such wonderful varied responses. Our scholarship winners despite going to school full time volunteered in animal shelters, Big Brother Big Sister Association, coaching sports teams, local food drives and many others. Most of them were also holding down part-time jobs, sometimes two or three.

As one recipient so aptly stated, in life, there are many paths you can take and many people who share in the journey and we are honoured to be counted as some of the people who care enough to have helped others along the way.

As a former teacher at Notre Dame School from 1981-2010, I am exceptionally proud of these students, some of them former pupils of mine. This is a rich and vibrant community that has produced some outstanding citizens and I wish them all continued success as they follow their dreams.

Debbie Martin

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