Home: Budget too tight? Review your cellphone plan

(NC) As our lifestyles have changed over the last year, many of us are re-evaluating monthly expenses to find ways to free up some cash. Although some payments are unavoidable and fixed, your mobile bill isn’t and can be a great place to start.

Switching providers isn’t as hard as you think. Plus, it could result in noteworthy savings.

The first and most important step is to shop around to find a new service provider. Keep in mind that when shopping around, mobile providers should offer a wide variety of plans.

Once you find a deal that works better for you, you can call your current provider in a last attempt to negotiate a new plan. Many providers are willing to match or offer better promotions to keep their customers.

If you’re eager to leave your current provider and don’t want to try for a better deal with them, ask your new one for a service transfer. This will cancel your existing services and activate the new ones.

Make sure to finalize any payments and resolve any issues with your current service provider before cancelling or transferring services. Billing will stop as soon as the services are cancelled.

It may be best for your new provider to take charge of transferring existing services if you want to avoid another call with your former provider, who may try to pressure you into staying.

Remember that you can cancel whenever you want, and providing a 30-day notice before cancelling isn’t required by law. However, if a contract is still in place, early cancellation fees may apply.

If you want to keep your existing phone number, be sure to let your new provider know before cancelling your original contract.

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