Alberta RCMP offers tips on child seat safety

Alberta RCMP are offering motorists tips on child seat safety to help ensure children are properly buckled up this November and beyond. The tips are part of the RCMP’s ongoing Traffic Safety Calendar initiative that focuses on one area of vehicle and pedestrian safety each month.

As parents and caretakers are responsible for ensuring young passengers’ commutes are safe, the RCMP says it is important for motorists to understand the importance of child safety seats.

“Children are some of our most vulnerable road users and they depend on parents and caregivers to keep them safe as vehicle passengers. Last year, Alberta RCMP issued 232 tickets to motorists for failing to properly restrain young passengers,” said Alberta RCMP Traffic Services Superintendent Gary Graham in a media release Tuesday. “Our children rely on us. Take the time to learn how to secure them properly and keep them safe.”

Below is child safety seat information you should know:

  • Children under six years of age, weighing 18 kg (40 lb) or less, must be properly restrained in a car seat (Government of Alberta, 2021).
  • It is highly recommended that children over the age of six use a booster seat until they reach the maximum height and weight (as stated by the manufacturer) and a seat belt fits properly (Government of Alberta, 2021).
  • A child safety seat must have a Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards sticker on it to prove it meets national safety standards (Government of Alberta, 2021).
  • It is not recommended that you purchase a pre-owned car seat as they may be damaged, recalled, ​or expired, and may not meet current safety standards (Alberta Health Services, 2019).
  • When used properly, child safety seats can reduce the risk of serious injury or fatality by approximately 60-70% (Government of Alberta, 2021).
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