Council unanimously approve motion to look at 100 Avenue and Grandin intersection

by Colin Smith

Morinville residents may see some movement this year on an issue that is of major concern to many – the uncontrolled intersection at Grandin Drive and 100 Avenue.

At its regular meeting Tuesday, Deputy Mayor Stephen Dafoe moved that council direct the administration to include traffic lights at Grandin and 100 Avenue as a 2022 project for consideration and/or direction.

“We know that this is an issue raised during the campaign and more specifically during the all-candidate forum put on by the Chamber,” Dafoe said. “Everyone at that table saw this was the top priority.

“There are many ways we might skin this cat. My interest is to get this on the table.”

In response to Dafoe’s motion, Iain Bushell, General Manager, Community and Infrastructure Services told Council that the putting in lights at Grandin and 100 Avenue is a project that will be put in front of it for consideration as part of Morinville’s five-year capital plan.

“I can confirm that this intersection, as well as several others, will be included in the five-year capital plan council will get to review in a couple of weeks,” he said.

Bushell noted that projects will be brought forward in three aspects: planning, design and construction.

“Within the next few weeks Council will have the ability to debate the merits of each one of these projects,” he said.

Mayor Simon Boersma expressed his agreement with the idea of installing lights at the intersection.

“There are too many kids who cross that road,” he said. “And I appreciate the fact that we are looking at that in the next five years as a capital project

The motion passed unanimously.

Coucillor Rebecca Balanko then made a motion that Council direct the mayor to write to Alberta transportation minister Rojan Sawhney, Morinville-St. Alberta MLA Dale Nally, who is associate minister of natural gas and electricity, and government official Ryan Hasman, inviting them to meet to discuss traffic solutions on Highway 642.

Balanko said at the recent Alberta Municipalities (formerly Alberta Urban Municipalities Association) conference Sawhney offered to come out to meet with municipalities but such issues. She and Deputy Mayor Dafoe and Councillor Ray White also had a discussion on the matter with Hasman, transportation department chief of staff

“We all know that something has to give,” Balanko said. “Ultimately cost cannot continue to be the barrier. It’s the health and welfare of our community and residents.

“The onus is on the provincial government because that is their road.”

Balanko’s motion also passed unanimously.

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