Letter: Library sponsorship structure changed to provide more value to supporters

Bill 15

library sponsorship

The Morinville Community Library has released its new sponsorship recognition structure on its website (morinvillelibrary.ca).

The new recognition structure is designed to respond to a need for the library to thank supporters in a way that provides businesses and other sponsors some value in return and features levels based on classic literature and beloved children’s books. As a registered charity, the library is able to issue tax receipts for sponsorships and donations over $20 in addition to providing its in-house sponsorship recognition.

Sponsors can choose a specific library program or event to sponsor or choose to support the area of most need while being assured that either decision will result in their support being used to help their community. Sponsorship revenue is used to support accessibility for all in the library’s events and programs through eliminating participant fees, ensuring that cost is not a barrier to the education and enrichment the library provides.

Isabelle Cramp
Library Director
Morinville Community Library

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