Bon Accord 4-H Club Update

Bon Accord 4-H Club

submitted by Savannah Barber, Bon Accord 4-H Club Member, Club Reporter

Even with the COVID-19 rules and restrictions, the Bon Accord 4H Club has still managed to adapt and overcome these challenges, and we’ve made sure to still keep it fun for all our members. An example of this is our recent Christmas party we held Dec. 3rd. We were able to have a gingerbread house competition and do a gift exchange while following rules and regulations. All of this is thanks to our club leader Maureen Young, the other club executives and of course the parents.

Before our Christmas party, we held our annual weigh-in-day on Nov 6th at the Cardiff Agriplex. We started at 7:30 sharp and staggered our arrivals to make sure we were practicing proper COVID-19 precautions. We managed to weigh 38 Steers, Cows and calves. Our club is very excited to see the weight gain our projects will show.

On Jan. 27th and Feb. 6th we held our yearly presentations and speeches at the Cardiff Agriplex. At both events, we plan on teaching the new 4H members about how to give proper speeches/presentations and our long-time members will work on the presenting skills they’ve already acquired. Even with COVID-19 putting a hold on all of us, the Bon accord 4H group has persevered through these wild times and with the amazing people in our group, we will continue to do so.

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