UofA studying grief and pet loss among seniors

If you are a senior who lost a pet in 2021, University of Alberta researchers want to hear from you. 

One of the researchers, Dr. Cary A Brown, a professor with the Department of Occupational Therapy Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, told Morinville Online the current study is open to seniors 60 and older who lived alone and lost a pet between January and December of 2021. 

A previous UofA study of women 55 and older living alone showed intense feelings of sorrow after losing their companion animal. The study also revealed that the women were cautious about sharing their feelings for fear of having those views dismissed. 

“That was the study where we learned that people’s grief over the loss of their companion animal was often not well recognized or supported by others,” Brown said. “This study is larger, involves all genders, and will help us better understand if feeling unsupported in pet grief is a common experience.”

The survey is online at  https://forms.gle/pkRytRy5aqqncJvG8

article compiled by Stephen Dafoe

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