La Petite Ecole Preschool holds open house

Photos by Lucie Roy

La Petite Ecole Preschool located at Citadelle School in Legal held an open house on Tuesday night.

Ecole Citadelle School Principal Lisa Magera was on hand to answer questions on the school year and the opening of the new school for September.

Educator Guylaine Jacques answered questions on La Petite Ecole Preschool with projects and activities on display for new students and parents.

Many displays throughout the room covered all Grade levels at the school.

Teacher Melanie Thibault spoke of the many projects from the STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) program.
The Ferris wheel was made of recycled material and the lifts were made of egg crates.

Teacher Christophe Page spoke on the Kodiaks and cultural and educational programs at the school.

The Open House was well attended with many anxious to enroll their children into the many programs and see the new school in the fall.

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