29th Annual Family Hockey Tournament held in Riviere Qui Barre

by Lucie Roy

The 29th Annual Family Hockey Tournament (FHT) took place at the Riviere Qui Barre Recreation Centre from April 8-10.

The teams competing for the trophy consisted of the Boddez’s, McKief’s, Kluthes, SheeFitz’s (Sheehan-Fitzgerald), Kiesers, Soetaerts, Bokenfohrs and Perrotts.

At the closing ceremony, Dixie Soetaert spoke of how it has been too long since everyone got together and how nice it was to have such an opportunity and thanked the many people that came out.

A thank you went out to Victor Majeau and Jeff Winfield, the online officials for the games, sponsors and volunteers who helped make it a success.

The Riviere Qui Barre Annual Family Hockey Tournament (FHT) trophy was presented to the Shee/Fitz family.

The A Division finals were held Sunday afternoon with Bokenfohr versus Shee/Fitz.

The B Division was Kluthe versus Kieser with Kluthe winning the title.

The C Division was Boddez versus Soetaert with Soetaert (blue) taking the win.

The D Division was McKief versus Perrott, with McKief taking the title.

The Darrell Sheehan Memorial Trophy Winner was presented by Trevor Sheehan on behalf of the Sheehan family to Tom Soetaert.

In July 1995, Darrell Sheehan was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour and passed away in November 1995 at the age of 39.

The Family Hockey Tournament was a time he looked forward to and in 1996 a trophy was donated and to be presented each year in his memory.

The trophy is based on a  broad definition of sportsmanship,  from the most sportsmanlike player to those who contributed to the FHT and also community involvement within the Riviere Qui Barre area.

Numerous children’s activities were held, including the most popular Puck Toss.

This year the 4-H volunteered to sell the numbered pucks with all proceeds to support the RQB Rancheros. The children then stand on a carpet and toss their pucks towards prizes scattered throughout the ice rink. Those pucks closest to the prizes win that prize.

Tom Soetaert presented the FHT trophy to Shee/Fitz team.

Tom Soetaert was the recipient of the Darrell Sheehan Memorial trophy presented by Trevor Sheehan on behalf of Sheehan family.

The Sheehan family with 2022 Darrell Sheehan Memorial trophy recipient Tom Soetaert.

Online officials Victor Majeau and Jeff Winfield.

RQB Ag Society Director Greg Borle, Dixie Soetaert speaking to the audience and Tom Soetaert.

The Boddez team.

The Bokenfohr team.

The Keiser team.

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