Our Morinville: The Week in Photos

Here are a few shots taken with our and other local photographers’ cameras this past week.

The warmer weather had this chickadee searching for twigs to build a nest. – Stephen Dafoe Photos

Local photographer Don Boutilier came upon this group of deer during his travels.

A crow takes its perch atop an evergreen. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Some of the interesting pieces made out of recycled items for the Morinville Community Library’s March break event.

It may have been chilly on Monday, but this robin was a sign that warmer weather is coming. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Monday night’s moon was waxing gibbous at 81.33% illumination. Saturday is the next full moon.

The 29th annual Annual Hockey Tournament was held Sunday in Riviere Qui Barre. Click below to read the full story.

29th Annual Family Hockey Tournament held in Riviere Qui Barre

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