Letter: Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah)


Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah) takes place this year on April 28. This is an important and solemn historical commemoration that reminds all people to be vigilant against rising bigotry, hatred and antisemitism.

Sadly, antisemitism is growing around the world, including here in Canada. Statistics over the past several years repeatedly state that Jewish people and institutions are among the most common targets of police-reported hate crimes in Canada. Too often, these incidents are dismissed as a byproduct of international events or otherwise downplayed or even denied. But this surge in hate-motivated crimes is a real, growing problem – and it needs to be confronted.

A new, grassroots movement is mobilizing to encourage (especially non-Jewish) Canadians to stand against hatred of all kinds, but particularly against anti-Jewish words and deeds. We believe that Jewish people have been forced to confront these incidents by themselves for far too long.

Upstanders Canada (UpstandersCanada.com) is identifying and empowering Canadians across political, religious, cultural, economic and demographic divides to join together to stand with Jewish people and against hatred and violence.

Our statement of unity is simple: We believe that Jewish people have the right to live in peace and free from fear anywhere in the world, including in Canada and in Israel.

Our goal is to ensure that Canada remains a welcoming society for all people. We invite you to become an upstander.

Patrick Johnson, Director, Upstanders Canada

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