Museum seeking resident signatures on memorial scroll headed to England

An early version of this article indicated May 15, the date we were provided in our interview. The actual date is Apr. 30

by Stephen Dafoe

The Musée Morinville Museum hopes Morinville and area residents will visit the Museum before Apr. 30 to sign a memorial scroll in memory of two Morinville area residents lost during WWII.

The scroll honours air force members Flight Sergeant Richard Alberta McDonald and Pilot Officer Russel John Majeau, whose names are among the 20,0000 names of British Air Force men and women recorded at the Runnymede Memorial in Surrey, England.

Pilot Officer Russel John Majeau was born in Forst Saskatchewan on Nov. 1, 1915, and worked at the hardware store in Morinville at the time of his enlistment.

Majeau was in one of two planes on a mission against enemy shipping off the coast of Denmark. The two planes became separated and lost.

Flight Sergeant Richard Alberta McDonald was born in Riviere Qui Barre on Sept. 17, 1923.

His plane went missing on Apr. 1, 1945 while on a mission over Heligoland Island, Germany. Like Majeau, his body was never recovered.

Museum Attendant Donna Garrett said the museum is hoping Morinville and area residents will visit to sign the scroll.

“We just wanted to show our appreciation from the people of Morinville that we don’t forget the sacrifices of local soldiers,” she said. “This particular scroll of remembrance is for two of our local fallen soldiers who dies in World War II.”

The scroll with signatures will be displayed behind glass inside the memorial at Runnymeade. The museum’s treasurer is travelling to England in May and will take the scroll with her.

The Musée Morinville Museum is open from Wednesday to Saturday between noon and 5 p.m.

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