5 ways to create the ultimate outdoor barbecue area

(NC) A beautiful backyard and comfortable cooking area are the perfect excuse to entertain all year. There are simple things you can do to make the most of your outdoor space, so you can enjoy dining with friends over mouth-watering food.

Here’s how to create a backyard that perfectly suits your hosting needs.

Add some shade to your space
When you and your guests have had enough vitamin D, it’s nice to have a shaded area where you can relax while staying outside. Adding a pergola, gazebo or umbrella can offer quick relief from the sun.

Set up a dining area
Your outdoor dining area is your place to relax and entertain, so investing in high quality patio furniture makes sense. Choose the best setup for your family’s needs – whether that be an outdoor dining table and chairs, or a cozy lounge set surrounding a firepit.

Keep the heat going
With the right heating, you and your guests can stay outside even when the sun goes down. There are plenty of heaters to consider to help retain warmth in your backyard. You can choose something as simple as an electric patio heater or give your backyard a camping vibe with a wood burning or propane firepit.

Up your outdoor cooking game
There’s nothing quite like firing up the barbecue on a beautiful day. But it’s important to choose a grill that suits your personal space and cooking style. Consider the size of your patio and whether you prefer a propane, electric or charcoal grill. If you already have a barbecue you love, consider an outdoor pizza oven, smoker or griddle to elevate your cooking game. You can explore your options at a one-stop shop like Home Hardware.

Add that special touch
Many backyards have the essentials, such as chairs, umbrellas and cushions, but what will make yours stand out from the rest? Simple enhancements that stray from the ordinary are what can make your backyard feel like home. Think string lights, mini fridges as well as some beautiful planters.

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