International Museum Day is a good day to visit the Musée Morinville Museum

With May 18 being International Museum Day, we thought we’d showcase some videos of exhibits at the Musée Morinville Museum that were originally created for Alberta Culture Days. You can also follow the museum on Facebook for some interesting tidbits from the past.

The Museum, located in St. Jean Baptiste Park, is open Wednesday to Saturday from noon until 5 p.m.

Barber Shop & Beauty Shop Exhibit Video

The Musee Morinville Museum has two displays recreating a barbershop and beauty salon as they would have been on

Morinville’s main street in the past. Long before people had social media to opine on the topics of the day, barbershops and Beauty Parlors were places of social gathering for debates and gossip.

One-Room School House Exhibit Video

One of the newer exhibits at the Mussee Morinville Museum is a recreation of the one-room school that was common in Rural Alberta right up until the 1960s. There—students of various ages and academic abilities were taught in one room by one teacher. The exhibit includes rows of desks, and the slates used by students long before electronics were commonplace. There are also numerous books that children would use to learn to read, understand mathematics, music, art and the history and geography of their country and province.

Pioneer Women Exhibit Video

Women were the primary keepers of the home and family. They kept the home clean, prepared meals, did laundry, and for those who had children, attended to them as well. The Pioneer Women display at the Mussee Morinville Museum contains several implements used to create many of the baked goods typical in a home in early Morinville.

Model A Ford Exhibit Video

The Model A Ford came off Henry Ford’s assembly line from 1927 to 1931, replacing the well-known Model T, which had an 18-year run. Although Ford began building the new model in October of 1927, the car was introduced to the buying public in December of that year, making the Model A a 1928 vehicle. The Musee Morinville Museum has one of these prized vehicles as a feature attraction.



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  1. Great videos what a wonderful tribute, to our beautiful town and Museum which we are so proud of!

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