Legion celebrates past four years of service

by Lucie Roy
Royal Canadian Legion Br. #176 celebrated four Years of Service
The 2018-2022 Legion Awards Social was held on Saturday, May 28.
After an absence of large gatherings due to Covid, members of the RCL Br. 176 got together to celebrate four years of volunteerism with awards and a social.
Two life memberships were acknowledged, that of Comrade Bob Peterson and Comrade Marilynne Kuchta.
Each President, Ira Austin, Claude Phaneuf and Kelvin Kuzyk, in turn, presented community awards, certificates of appreciation and merit, Branch service medals, officer medals and bars and a Legionnaire of the Year Award.
Legionnaire of the Year Award was presented to Bev Lussier for2018, Marty Lussier for 2019 and Rob Barr for 2020.
The 2021 recipient was unable to attend.
Donations to community groups included JMMF, Morinville Food Bank, Morinville 1 CER 3061 Royal Canadian Army Army Cadet Corps and Sturgeon Victim Services.
The emcee for the event was current President Hal Schneider.
Legionnaire of the Year Award- Marty Lussier, Bev Lussier and Bob Barr.
Volunteer is a family affair- Ernestine Caissie, Marilynne Kuchta- also now a new Life member and Orest Kuchta.
The Lussier family tradition of volunteerism- Simone Lussier Marty and Nicole Lussier, seated Lawrence Thom who previously received his 50-year medal and Bev Lussier–Two Legionnaires of the Year in the family.
Family of volunteerism, Phil Morrow, Jane and Gerry Morrow.
Some of the Presidents in attendance. absent from photo Pete Gougeon.- Gerry Morrow, Ira Austin, Claude Phaneuf, Kelvin Kuzyk and current President Hal Schneider.
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