Two Rooke School of Karate students off to Nationals

Rooke School of Karate

The Rooke School of Karate students will represent the province in Newfoundland this July – submitted photo

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by Stephen Dafoe

Congratulations and well wishes are making the rounds to Dylan Weiss and Lucia Colcy, two Rooke School of Karate students who recently qualified through Karate Alberta tournament trials to head to Karate Nationals in St John’s, Newfoundland this July.

“Sensei Steve [Rooke] and the school are so proud to have students compete at this level,” Kim Rooke told Morinville online in an interview. “Thanks to their many years of training with us along with the opportunity to train with the competition crew at Desa school of karate, it’s very exciting.”

Student Lucia Colcy is looking forward to competing and has been for a few years.

“At 11 years old, I was at my first Karate Alberta tournament,” Colcy said. “I just finished getting my medals, and I remember an older kid coming up to congratulate me. He shook my hand and introduced himself. I noticed his blue jacket with the Alberta flag on it. I asked my mom what he was wearing, and she told me that he was on the provincial team. From that moment on, it was my goal to wear one of those jackets and represent Alberta. Four years later, I’m heading to Newfoundland to do just that, and I am very excited.”

Colcy is not alone in looking forward to representing the province on the national stage.

“I’m very excited that I’ve gotten the opportunity to go compete on such a large scale,” Dylan Weiss said. “I’m hoping I do well, and I’m interested in finding out about the following opportunities that present themselves.”

The two Rooke School of Karate students will compete July 1-4.

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