Tim Hortons Camp Day on this Wednesday

by Stephen Dafoe

Tim Hortons Camp Day takes place this Wednesday, July 13 with 100 per cent of hot and iced coffee proceeds supporting Tims Camps.

In addition to the coffee proceeds, those visiting Tim Hortons can purchase Camp Day bracelets to support Tim Hortons Foundation Camps. The bracelets, which come in four colours, sell for $2 each or guests can purchase a pair of red and white camp-themed socks for $5. Net proceeds also support the camps.

“Many of the young people we support have never had the opportunity to experience camp or travel outside their city or town. Our multi-day, overnight camp experiences are uniquely powerful in quickly building critical skills in youth, and strengthening social ties and community connections that can help youth better cope with challenging circumstances,” said Graham Oliver, a Tim Hortons restaurant owner and President of Tim Hortons Foundation Camps.

“We challenge young people. We help them see their best self. And we work with them as they carve a path towards the future they want.”

Over its 30-year history, Camp Day has raised more than $225 million and has helped Tim Hortons Foundation Camps support more than 300,000 youth between the ages of 12 to 16 through a multi-year camp-based program.

“The profound impact Camp Day has had in raising over $225 million in its history and supporting over 300,000 youth is a testament to the dedication and generosity of Tims restaurant owners and team members and the incredible support from Tims guests year after year,” said Tim Hortons President Axel Schwan.

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