Letter: Alberta Conservatives Have a Choice: Elect a New Kind of Leader or Lose the Province to the NDP

Bill 15

Alberta conservatives are faced with a choice – see our province fulfill its potential by electing a new kind of leader or risk everything we’ve built by losing it to the NDP in 2023.

I am Rebecca Schulz and I’m running to be your leader of the United Conservative Party and Premier of Alberta. My first commitment to you is that I will lead a team that works day in and day out to make sure we defeat the NDP next May. I will defend Alberta’s constitutional rights and drive strong economic growth so we can continue to be a leader in Canada and the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

I will re-index personal income tax and I have a strong and predictable fiscal plan to set aside surplus dollars to pay down debt and save for our childrens’ futures.

Every Albertan should have access to a doctor and primary care. We need less bureaucracy and more local decision making. We need to listen to front-line workers – because doctors, nurses and paramedics have many of the answers to the challenges we face. We will also keep seniors in their homes longer to age comfortably and with their loved ones.

Alberta is a leader in agriculture – it’s important we continue to compete with our neighbours in attracting investment in this sector. In introducing a value-added Agriculture Tax Credit for newly constructed or expanded value-added agriculture facilities, we can do just that.

Our rural economies also help drive our province’s success, which is why I am committed to doubling the Rural Stream of the Investment and Growth Fund. Rural Albertans are our province’s original entrepreneurs and it’s imperative they have support in closing deals.

We want to be treated fairly in confederation and we want to be recognized for our significant contributions to our country. Letters, empty threats, and flashy headlines haven’t worked. There are some in this race promising to write cheques they can’t cash and committing to promises they can’t keep. This won’t be my approach.

I’ve gone toe-to-toe with Justin Trudeau and I’ll do it again, but I’ll deliver more for you than just lip service, because Albertans want results.

I ran to keep our party united and to beat the NDP in next year’s election. Many candidates are saying that, but not all will be able to achieve it.

Take a look at our records. We don’t need someone who has already led us to a loss. Or someone who represents more of the same old tone and approach.

There are candidates in this race that almost certainly end in a Rachel Notley and Justin Trudeau sequel. We can’t let that happen.

We need someone who can earn back the trust of Albertans. A leader who can stand up to Ottawa and make sure Alberta continues on our path of economic growth. We need a true conservative who believes less government is better government and who can be creative and relentless in bringing investment and jobs into our province. We cannot afford a leader who will chase them away with chaotic policy or entitlement.

We need fresh leadership that can take us into the next 10 years of a strong United Conservative Party. Someone who will lead with hard work, humility, and common sense.

I believe Albertans want conservative party they can be proud of. I can deliver that.

I encourage you to visit www.rebeccaforleader.ca to learn more about my vision for Alberta. Tell your friends and family about what our province stands to lose if we make the wrong decision.

It’s important that we get this right.

Rebecca Schulz, UCP Leadership Candidate

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