It’s YOUR Business: One Shot Shipping

Owners Karen Chubb and Fred Bisson (above) have opened a new downtown business offering shipping and receiving of your packages.

by Stephen Dafoe

A new business has opened in downtown Morinville, offering shipping, packaging, and courier services under one roof to provide Morinville and Sturgeon County residents and businesses with a convenient location to send or receive packages.

Owners Karen Chubb and Fred Bisson opened their doors on Sept. 1 at 10401-100 Avenue (next to The Flower Stop).

Karen Chubb said the biggest motivation behind the need for the new business was people in Sturgeon County having difficulty sending and receiving packages. “There is one provider [Canada Post] in most cases, and this gives them multiple choices as to who to ship with and how to receive,” Chubb said.

One Shot Shipping offers shipping with Canada Post, UPS, FedEx, and Purolator.

Fred Bisson said the one location makes it easier for their clientele. “By having one physical address when you order online, you have one address. Certain couriers will ship to a PO Box—some don’t. Some will ship outside of Morinville; some don’t. So, this way, we group everything under one roof.”

With multiple shippers, One Shot Shipping’s customers bring their packages, and the store will find the best way to ship that item for the customer.

“If you ship from Alberta to Quebec—a certain provider will give the best price. But if you ship from here in Alberta to Texas, then it is a different provider,” Bisson explained. “Now, instead of someone going all around and trying to find the cheapest one, you just come here to One Shot Shipping.”

The Sturgeon County residents hope their new business will save Morinville and fellow County residents time travelling to St. Albert or elsewhere for shipping.

“If you ship a large amount of packages, yeah, they will pick it up. But if you have one box and you want to ship it with UPS, you have to drive to St. Albert,” Bisson said. “It’ll take you an hour or an hour and a half, depending on the [traffic] lineup there.”

Chubb said that the company also sells everything you need to prepare those packages—bubble wrap, tape, boxes, and other items are all available at the business.

But while shipping is a significant part of the new operation, receiving is the other part.

The owners see their location as a perfect spot for those ordering online, eliminating the worry as to whether or not the package will still be there when you get home and removing the need to wait around all day if the customer is home.

“It’s safe. It’s secure, Chubb said, noting their convenient location is safe from bad weather and porch pirates. “It’s in a safe place.”

Chubb and Bisson feel the public is not the only customers to benefit from their new service. Businesses can also benefit from the convenience and time-saving of not having to phone the various couriers for pricing and shipping info.

“They still have to bring it [the packages] here, but we can do the preliminary work in probably a quarter of the time that they will spend on the phone,” Chubb said.

Bisson added that shipping through One Shot Shipping also eliminates businesses having to open accounts with the various courier services.

One Shot Shipping is open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. You can reach one Shot Shipping at or by email at

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