Editorial: Local news publications working together to serve readers better

This week, Morinville Online / MorinvilleNews.com and the Morinville Free Press will partner to share select content to serve the region better.

The Morinville Free Press publishes a weekly print newspaper sent to Morinville, Bon Accord, Legal, Gibbons and Sturgeon County. Morinville Online / MorinvilleNews.com runs an online daily news site and popular social media page focused primarily on Morinville and its immediate area.

This week, Morinville Online / MorinvilleNews.com will start to share selected content with the Free Press.

“Collaborating with Stephen Dafoe of Morinville Online will be beneficial to both of us,” says Morinville Free Press owner and publisher Valerie Winger. “Stephen’s knowledge and experience in the industry will be a great asset to the Morinville Free Press. It will be a privilege to work with Stephen.”

Dafoe also sees collaboration as beneficial to both publications in a time of reduced advertising revenues and reduced reporter resources.

“Although Valerie’s publication and mine have crossover in terms of audience, we also serve two different audiences as well,” Dafoe said. “By sharing some content with the Free Press, we can get our stories about local businesses, groups and people to a broader audience while generating additional revenue to produce more content and tell more local stories.”

The partnership between the two news publications is strictly for the sharing of content. Both the Morinville Free Press and Morinville Online / MorinvilleNews.com will operate as separate businesses as they have in the past.

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