Letter: Mayor Boersma speaks to traffic and pedestrian safety

Pedestrian safety is of paramount concern for the Town. We recognize it is a shared responsibility—for drivers, pedestrians, school boards, parents, and the municipality—and it is clear we all need to redouble our efforts. Council and Administration continue to work diligently with all stakeholders to ensure we find solutions for this ongoing challenge. I personally have already met with Government officials, and I know my fellow Council colleagues are actively advocating on the matter.

At last night’s Regular Meeting of Council, Council directed me to invite both local school boards and Ministers Panda and Nally to a meeting to discuss the ongoing concerns, responsibilities, and solutions for Hwy 642. We must resolve the issues collaboratively, creating safe passage for all. I have scheduled a meeting for Monday with GSACRD and Sturgeon Public Schools to begin this vital work.  We have actively addressed the growing concerns at Grandin Drive and Hwy 642 (100 Avenue). Specifically, the following actions have been taken:

  • Conflict analysis for Grandin and Hwy 642 (100 Avenue)
  • All available safety enhancements have been installed, including:
    • Four-way stop
    • Enhanced large stop signs
    • Enhanced flashing red stop signs through special permission from Alberta Transportation
    • Targeted enforcement by Community Peace Officers (CPO)
    • Signalization or a roundabout is currently being studied and includes an update to signal warrant analysis

On October 26, 2022, Administration will be holding an open house on the functional planning study for Grandin and Hwy 642 (100 Avenue) as well as Cardiff Road and 100 Street. I encourage you to attend and share your perspectives on the findings and potential solutions.

While I understand the heightened concern with Grandin and Hwy 642 (100 Avenue), I’d be remiss if I didn’t highlight the other actions supporting pedestrian safety that have been undertaken across the community. To date, this has included the following:

  • Morinville intersection control review to standardize stop and yield signs
  • School and playground reviews for all parks and schools
  • Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan
  • Transportation Master Plan
  • Pedestrian Crossing Review
  •  Installed enhanced rapid flashing beacons at identified crosswalks in school zones
  • Curb extensions (bulbing) along Highway 642 (100 Avenue)
  • Enhanced no parking and stopping distances from 5m to 10 m at crosswalks
  • Enforcement Services Traffic Safety Plan, which encompasses directed enforcement activity and education opportunities for pedestrian safety
  • Positive ticketing program to promote safe crossing
  • Education campaigns through social media and traditional media
  • Education programs for youth pedestrians (Point, Pause, and Proceed program with Community Peace Officers)
  • Education programs for high school students with RCMP School Resource Officer

I can assure you that Council is committed to finding a solution to this community challenge.

Mayor Boersma 

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  1. Maybe speed bumps before the intersection an all four sides might help..

  2. I hope Mayor Boersma (and the council end) up deciding to look at our shared ancestral nation’s methods for solid, tested methods of keeping the most vulnerable members of our society safe and healthy.

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