Morinville Strongman is helping others while battling cancer

Above: Professional Strongman and personal trainer Scott “Crusher” Wallace works with client Byron Gilks on Sept. 8. Below: Wallace poses with some of the products available at Crushers Supplements and Gym. – Stephen Dafoe Photos

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by Stephen Dafoe

Morinville resident and Crushers Supplements and Gym owner Scott “Crusher” Wallace is no stranger to Strongman competitions. 

Wallace, who was previously named Washington State’s strongest man, BC and Alberta’s Strongest Man, and won a national competition in his class, underwent a rigorous 16-week training schedule last year to compete in two significant events in Arizona and Saskatchewan. 

After competing in those events, he learned he had metastatic carcinoma cancer, had surgery last December and battled his way through treatment to once again start training himself and others. 

A few months after learning he was cancer-free, the athlete discovered that the disease had travelled.

“I now have bone and liver cancer,” Wallace said, adding that it had advanced to stage 4 cancer in his spine, femur, and liver. 

“I’m ready for battle and just going to go in and fight every day until it’s either gone or I die, one of the two,” Wallace said, adding while he has achieved many of his life goals, he wants to see his daughter married, his son’s football career continue, and seeing others achieve their goals with his help.

“I still like seeing people achieve their goals,” he said. “I’ve won strongman. I’ve been to the world level. Now, I enjoy seeing other people achieve their goals. I look at it as I have so much to give that I will give everything I can to help others achieve their goals and achieve the same success I’ve achieved. That’s my legacy. That’s what I want to leave behind.”

Storefront to home-based business

Wallace recently moved his Crushers Supplements storefront business from 100 Street to his home at 104 Houle Drive to spend more time working one-on-one with his clients to help them achieve those health and fitness goals. 

“I made the decision in June that I wanted to expand into personal training more,” Wallace said. “Once I started taking on more clients, I found that I was at the store all day and was only able to train clients before and after store hours.”

That problem led to the solution of moving his supplement business to his home, where he could work with both his supplement and training clients easier. 

The new model, Crushers Supplements and Gym, offers a wide variety of supplements and nutritional products with Wallace’s experience in fitness training, both one-on-one and online. 

On the supplement side, Wallace explained that protein is for everyone as it repairs your muscles. “Even if you are not working out intensely and you just need to supplement more protein into your diet, the Isolate protein is nice because it is low in calories and low in carbs,” he said. “If all you do for exercise is walking, it’s still good to have that protein to help retain muscle.”

Wallace said he uses an app called Train Heroic, programming his online and in-person client’s schedules on Sunday nights so they can see what is required in the week ahead. 

“When they open the app, they can see exactly what they have to do. I can track the app, so I know how their progress is and if they are working out or not,” Wallace said. “I can use that app to help increase their progress even though I’m not there with them one-on-one.”

One of Wallace’s training clients is Marion Peterson, who came to Wallace to help achieve her weight loss and fitness goals.

“He’s amazing—the best coach I ever had,” Peterson said. “I lost seven pounds in three weeks.”

Pederson is not alone in admiring Wallace as a coach and person. Byron Gilks recently started coming from out of town to work with Wallace on his own fitness goals. 

“Scott is an awesome guy—strong as hell to be going through what’s going on and still staying strong for everyone else,” Gilks said. 

You can learn more about Crushers Supplements and Gym on his Facebook page at 


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  1. You are to be admired.
    Much love and prayers Scott
    I could also use your help if you’ve got extra time.

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