Letter: Sick bird a reminder of avian flu

Last week I had a bluejay in my yard that was sick.  It was having trouble breathing.  It left my yard and came back four days later, only to die in my tree.  I tried calling the vet, but it was too late.  It dropped out of the tree after four days of suffering.

Yesterday, another bluejay was in my yard, sitting in the tree for a good part of the day.  Today it’s back and not acting like your average bluejay.  I called wildlife Rehabilitation, recommended by the Vet here in town.  They believe it’s Avian Flu.

My email [is] a reminder that people need to be cleaning their bird feeders.  These birds got sick in Morinville and that’s two in less than a week.  Avian Flu has also been going around.  I’ve heard about it a lot this year.

I just thought it would be a good reminder.  We don’t want an Avian flu outbreak in town if it can be prevented by cleaning the feeders and bird baths regularly.

Christy Poxon

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